Fellowship with Light or Darkness?

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines fellowship as a friendly relationship among people, the relationship of people who share interests, or feelings, a group of people with similar interests.

The Bible says that light has no communion with darkness, and righteousness has no fellowship with lawlessness.

II Corinthians 6:14, “Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness?”

God created the world to be inhabited with His righteousness. When Christ returns as Prince of Peace and King of kings, He will establish His righteousness from sea to sea, filling the whole earth with His Glory and Truth. When He returns, every man, woman, and child will know the Lord and walk in fellowship with Him. (Isaiah 30:21)

Until then, He has given us His Holy Spirit to empower us; enabling us to separate ourselves from the darkness of this world. Only as we yield our members to the Holy Spirit, will we be able to resist the temptations of this world that defile and destroy our bodies and souls. This process is called sanctification; a process that has been left out of the Gospel message being preached by many modern preachers.

When we humbly acknowledge our need of His help in our daily lives and surrender our wills to keep the teachings of His Word, while denying the desires of our flesh and the pride of our minds for the things of this world, we begin to experience sanctification.

When we set ourselves apart for His Purposes to be fulfilled in our lives, He sanctifies our minds and bodies by the Blood of Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit. We become a temple for Him to dwell in while we walk our earthly lives. He will always be with us and never forsake us, giving us strength to endure the trials of this life, while assuring our hearts with His Peace and Love in the midst of the hardships.

When we draw nigh to God, He does draw nigh to us. Sometimes it seems that He doesn’t hear us and that He is a million miles away; but He is there by faith, based simply upon the promise of His Word, and upon the personal experience of His Holy Presence in our hearts in times past.

The devil does his best to kill our faith in God by putting thoughts and feelings into our minds that we have sinned and that God does not hear us anymore; or that God is busy with more important people and things and doesn’t have time for us; or that God is not really real after all, and we are on our own. The enemy tells us many lies; and we, as humans, believe these lies when we are discouraged and feeling alienated from all that is good.

Daniel had to pray and fast for 21 days before he received his visit from Michael with a message from His God. Jesus prayed and fasted for forty days before the devil left Him alone for a season, and He was able to fulfill His ministry as the Lamb of God on this earth.

Old-time preachers prayed for hours and fasted for days before they even stepped into the pulpit to preach the Word of God. When they preached the pure Word of God, they saw the Spirit of God fill people and heal their bodies and lives. Their anointing flowed into the hearts of the congregation. Faith was born; and God always honors faith.

Fellowship with God depends so very much on you and I and what we do with our minds and bodies. The more we entangle ourselves with the affairs of this world, the less visitations we experience from the Presence of God, and the less protection we receive from our guardian angels. The more we humble ourselves and spend time in His Word and in talking to Him in prayer during the day and night, the more we experience the times of visitation from His Holy Spirit and the protection and provisions of our guardian angels.

His Word transforms and renews our minds to feel and think like Him. This brings His fellowship. His likes and our likes begin to associate with each other. Just like the couple who has been married for sixty to seventy years, look and act like each other, so we begin to act like our Heavenly Father. It comes from spending many hours, days, and years in His Presence. We have to Practice the Presence of God as Brother Lawrence wrote about.

Think about what goes on in the lives of people around the world on a daily basis. What are the leaders of the world promoting today to their people? Lies and deceptions. They operate under the influence for good and evil, just like the average citizen of their respective countries; while most of them yield to the evil, abusing their power to attain fame, wealth, and pleasure at the cost of all that is good and just. As go the leaders, so goes the followers. The blind are leading the blind and they both are falling into the ditch. Lawlessness and unnatural relationships and affections abound around the globe.

The world is in a total state of dis-fellowship because God and His Word have been thrown out of all public institutions. Our children and young people are being taught New Age Occult humanistic lies as truth. Everyone is doing what is right in their own eyes, and God is withdrawing His blessings, leaving everyone to stagger around with no real direction, like a drunken man.


The month of October is a prime month for evil, and it is well-known that many evil things take place during the time of Halloween. It is a night for many to flaunt the law. Anything from throwing eggs at houses and draping toilet paper on trees to more sinister things like putting razor blades in candy for Trick-or-Treat and murdering of innocent children and adults.

October 31st is known as “The Festival of the Dead.” Witches use this time to communicate with the dead through various forms of divination. Spirits of the dead or ghosts are believed to leave their graves to seek the warmth of their previous homes. Villagers dressed up in costumes to scare the ghosts away. They left treats so the spirits would not destroy their homes. The carved faces in pumpkins also was an attempt to scare the ghosts away to another home. Eating apples was practiced in Witchcraft Covens as a symbol of bringing life, associated with the eating of fruit in the Garden of Eden bringing sin and death on the world.

Christians should not practice those things that would break fellowship with their God. As the world is busy celebrating a time associated with evil, let us who believe in Jesus Christ as the only way to the Father, rededicate ourselves to prayer, fasting and the reading of His Word, as we ask God to open the eyes of those around us to the Truth of the good and evil that vie for our souls in this world. Only the Lord can give them a hunger and thirst to know the only True God who is able to keep us secure in this life, and in Fellowship with His Spirit for all eternity.


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