“Adam, where are you?”

adam where are you

God created Adam in His image, brought all the animals to him to see what he would call them, and gave him dominion over all of His creation. After naming all the animals, instead of ruling over anything, Adam succumbed to his wife’s temptation to disobey His Creator; and he hid himself from God.

God had to seek Adam out. He had to confront him about his nakedness. He had to get Adam to confess his disobedience, without blaming others.

God the Creator became the first Shepherd, seeking and saving that which was lost. God the Creator became the first mediator to reconcile the sinner back to a personal relationship with a Holy God.

Jehovah sought many different men to be mediators for their fellow man; and then He sought a nation to be the mediator for all other nations of the world. Finally, He manifested His Divine Presence in Jesus Christ as the perfect mediator once and for all, so that all who believe could be saved from sin and be able to enjoy fellowship with a Holy God for eternity. He still uses pastors and individual believers as priests to intercede and mediate between God and man. (I Peter 2:9)

who told you were naked

Adam should have firmly directed the creation of God’s earthly kingdom, and he should have immediately acknowledged his disobedience, and petitioned God for his wife’s forgiveness and restoration. Instead, he joined in with his wife’s disobedience, and hid himself from the Presence and voice of His Creator.

Adam, in his disobedience, broke the hedge of God’s protection around Eve and himself.

obedience brings blessings

As long as Adam was obedient to God, he was in authority over Eve and in authority over all of creation, as pertains to this earthly realm. God’s Presence walked with Adam, and communed with him in the cool of the evenings. The animals were tame and at peace with one another and with Adam and Eve. There was no sweat from tending the garden that God had placed them in. There was no sickness or any form of mental, physical or spiritual discomfort while in obedience to God. It was called Paradise for a reason.

When Adam gave his authority to Eve, he also gave it to the devil. Immediately, the protection of God’s Presence and Light and personal angels of light, withdrew, leaving the fake angel of light to deceive and lead them astray. The hedge of protection had been broken.

hedge broken

Adam, by not interceding for Eve, allowed evil to begin its reign on the earth and rule in the hearts of men. It will culminate in the battle between the devil and the nations of this world against Christ, and those who believe in Him as this Second Coming. We can see the nations of the world positioning for this final battle today.

When Daniel was praying and fasting for his people (Israel), his prayers were hindered by a dark spirit: a dark prince ruling over the kingdom of Persia. (There is still a dark prince ruling over Iran and that area of the Middle East today) The angel Gabriel had been sent by God to give Daniel his answer, but the spirit serving Satan fought with Gabriel, preventing the deliverance of the message to Daniel. God had to send reinforcements to help Gabriel. God sent Michael to help Gabriel defeat the enemy; and then Gabriel was able to give the revelation to Daniel that he had fasted and prayed for 21 days to receive.

head of man is christ


Adam was meant to be God’s ‘earthly angel’, so to speak. He was to be the spiritual head of his household, ruling over his wife and children in obedience to God’s Word. If he had done so, God’s Presence would have continued to walk with each of them, and they could have lived forever on this planet as an extension of the Kingdom of Heaven itself. (God will do this with the New Earth and the New Heavens)

Adam was meant to be a Leader, a Rescuer, a Guardian, a Protector, and a Comforter, of all that God had entrusted to his care. Adam was never meant to be a dictator over his wife, or his children, or any of God’s creation. Adam was meant to follow the character of God towards His Creation, as demonstrated in Christ.

Israel Blesses All Nations

Israel and her Levitical Priesthood became the means to bless the nations of the earth. In all of her failings, and in spite of all the anti-Semitism, the Jewish people have contributed greatly to all living on the planet. Just take time to click on this link to see all that the Jewish people have given the world. Jinfo.org

Christ our high priest

Christ came to embody the perfectness of God’s character, and to show us how to be mediators for others, as our High Priest.

He gave his Apostles as the first shepherds of His sheep. They in turn trained other young men to become shepherds of other flocks; and the process has grown to this day, where God calls, Christ empowers, and seasoned men train.

Unfortunately, many preachers today have given themselves to greed, lust, money, and fame, abusing their God-given authority for power over men to their personal advantage. The ministry has lost its respect among many, both as believers and unbelievers.


angel defeating demon

Fortunately, God always has His Remnant of preachers and believers who stay faithful to Him. These are the ones who are really holding back the evil spirits that rule over America and the nations of the world, allowing God’s holy angels to minister in conjunction with the prayers of His faithful followers.


You and I are the Adams of this world, and the question remains – “where are we?”

Where is our leadership as mediators for God’s sheep? Where is our intercession for those who are in bondage and hurting? Where is our protection for those in our care? Where is our comfort of those who God brings into our lives? What are we guarding if we are not watching for the deceptions of the enemy?

If we individually fail to spend time in His Word, and in prayer, how can we hear His direction to lead us away from evil spirits and their destructive temptations? How can we feel His compassion for the bruised and broken? How can we be moved to fast, and spend hours on our knees, when we can’t see the danger nor feel His urgent call to intercede, and to mediation for reconciliation?

To be continued . .

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