Behind the Scenes of Evil

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of different TV shows or movies? How about that person driving down the freeway weaving in and out of rush hour traffic? Ever wonder what goes on behind the hair and skull of the driver?

America has seen 131 mass shootings sense 1966. 949 innocent people have been killed.

Stephen Paddock killed 58 and wounded 489 others Sunday night in Las Vegas. Authorities will probe his background for clues as to why Stephen would commit this crime. Psychologists will define his behavior in scientific terms. What if there is another cause behind the scene?

  • Hurricanes, tornadoes, fire, earthquakes, volcanos, and other natural disasters have caused untold heartache to people around the globe.
  • Violent acts against others have been going on since Cain killed Abel.
  • Fraud, embezzlement, scams, theft, deceit, lies, double-lives, hypocrisy, is found at every level of society and every country of the world.
  • Illnesses are not responding to treatment as they use to. New strains of viruses being found in humans and computers.
  • Your every move monitored by cameras and microphones; often without your knowledge.
  • Your privacy and security threatened in person and online.
  • Lack of respect for babies in the womb, for the elderly, and for each other abound everywhere you go.
  • World leaders vie for control of the world’s population and resources, threatening mass destruction with nuclear bombs if they don’t get their way.

What goes on behind it all?

If we could only see the spiritual world around us, we would see dark evil beings as well as angels of God fighting for the souls of men.

If we could see behind the motives of the world leaders, we would see dark evil beings as well as angels of God fighting for allegiance.

Jesus said the world is a field that has wheat and tares planted in it. The devil has planted the tares. God has planted the wheat. Jesus said both need to grow together until the harvest; then he would separate the wheat from the tares.

Tares look just like wheat until they mature. Until the harvest, it is very difficult to tell the difference. This is why Jesus taught us not to judge before Judgment Day. Only he knows what is in the heart of each individual.

We need to see the evil that is behind the scenes of mass shootings, behind the hurricanes, behind the world leaders, behind terrorism, and behind the crazy drivers on the freeway.

Jesus says it is the devil who has come to steal, to kill, and to destroy.

Paul said there is a mysterious spirit of lawlessness working in the hearts of people and that it will increase more and more until a man of sin will be revealed. The man of sin is the antichrist.

The spirit of lawlessness is mysterious because it cannot be seen by physical human eyes. It can only be seen by the Holy Spirit in the Living Words of God. Jesus said the eyes that see the spiritual behind the physical are blessed eyes.

We need to interpret world events with Scripture. Then we will see pieces of the puzzle being put into place to form the picture that has been given us within the covers of God’s Word.

All world leaders are being manipulated toward a New World Order. The NWO is the one world government which the devil wishes to rule in the person of the antichrist.

No matter who is in leadership, there is an unseen force guiding the desires and actions of each one toward the end goal: One world leadership.

Hitler gave us a perfect example of how to seduce a population from freedom to total enslavement. America has been following that pattern since World War II with its New World Order agenda.

We seem always to be looking for the physical or mental cause; instead of the unseen evil behind the scenes.

Daniel, Jesus, and John the Revelator have foretold this one world system. We are living in the last days, the last generation, when all these things that have been prophesied are being fulfilled. The antichrist will appear as the man with all the answers to the world’s problems, speaking words of flattery; then he will reveal his true agenda and require all to take his mark to be able to survive.

Jesus said, “When you see all these things come to pass, you will know the Kingdom of God is at hand and that your redemption is near.”

58 souls were released from their mortal human bodies Sunday evening in Las Vegas. How many of those souls ascended to live with their Creator and Savior? How many descended to live with the spirit of lawlessness? Only God knows and we have to leave their eternal destiny with Him.

However, you and I are still living in this world that can bring sudden death to us at any time and at anyplace.

Where will you go if you die today? Do you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and God? Eternal death or eternal life should be your concern for today. Man and evil spirits can kill the body, but only God can give eternal life or eternal death to your soul.








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