“Flight to Heaven”

I just read the book by Capt. Dale Black, “Flight to Heaven.”

I have read many books about Near Death Experiences or Out of Body Experiences and put them down with thoughts like; “Some of this seems overplayed and self-serving.”

Dale’s book about his life-changing experience seems very sincere and agrees with Scripture. I recommend it for encouragement when life has thrown you unexplainable hardships.

The one thought that came to me after reading this book:

“Experiencing the brokenness so that you might experience and appreciate the wholeness.”

Jesus taught us that a grain of wheat has to die before it can produce fruit and that we have to deny our wills to be able to experience the freedom of God’s will for our lives.

Jesus showed us how to do this in the garden as He sought His Father for the avoidance of the crucifixion. He prayed in bloody anguish to be able to surrender His will to the will of His Father.

Dale was shown how he had lived his life for his selfish purposes, with no mindfulness of God’s desire for his life. Dale saw people as sons and daughters of the Heavenly Father. After his NDE, he experienced a profound love for them to know Jesus Christ as the only way to eternal life.

Capt. Dale Black was a passenger in a horrific airplane crash. He was the only survivor.

He was escorted to heaven by two angels clothed in white. He saw colors, smelled aromas, and felt love and acceptance that earthly words fail to describe.

Against all the odds, Dale miraculously survived the crash and multiple injuries that should have left him crippled for the rest of his life.

Even though God had spared his life, while taking the lives of his two friends in the plane crash, Dale had to go through a lot of pain and rehabilitation to be able to function normally again.

After many struggles and a few miracles, he went on to fly again, making many missionary flights to over 50 countries.

He asked the questions:

“Why did God spare me, instead of my friends?”

“Why did God spare my life and leave me with a crippled body?”

He goes on to describe how God led him to surrender his will day by day to seek a personal relationship with His Lord.

Dale describes everything he saw in heaven being full of life, full of purity, and full of harmony. The light was alive and was in everything. Light, love, and life were all connected. Love and light showed not only upon but through everything. Music vibrated through everything and everyone. All was in sync with the Lord. The deepest part of Dale’s being resonated with it all. He felt like he belonged and as if he finally had come home. He didn’t recognize anyone who had gathered to greet him, but he felt he knew them and that they knew him, that they all were family; brothers, and sisters in Christ spanning many generations. They wore seamless robes of white. They were recognized for the essence of their spirit, not by their physical traits. They all appeared to be in their 30’s with no signs of aging or disabilities.

There was no strife, no competition, nothing that would be contrary to the light and love of Christ. Everything was clean and pure. Dale became a boy again who just wanted to sit on his father’s lap and be held.

So many of Dale’s experiences resonate with the Bible description of Christ and of eternal life in heaven.

God is Light, and the Light of His Word and of His very essence will radiate upon and within everything He has created when He returns to rule as King of kings and Lord of lords.

Will you learn as Dale that He loves you enough to allow you to experience brokenness so that you may forever experience His wholeness? Will you be ready to take your flight to heaven?



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